Content Modification: Updates for Windows Applications Extended published 2022-08-05

BigFix has modified content in the Updates for Windows Applications Extended site, which is available to Lifecycle and Compliance customers.
New Items:

WinZip v26.0.15195 (Winzip)
WinZip 32-bit v26.0.15195 (Winzip)
PowerShell v7.2.5 (Microsoft)
SQL Server Management Studio v18.12.1 (Microsoft)
Sublime Text v4126 (Sublimehq)
Sublime Merge v2074 (Sublimehq)

Modified Items:

Duo Device Health v2.28.0 (Duo)
Go Programming Language v1.18.5 (Go)
GoodSync v11.11.7.7 (Goodsync)
PowerToys v0.61.1 (Microsoft)
MongoDB Compass v1.32.6 (Mongodb)
mRemoteNG v1.76.20 (Mremoteng)
NAPS2 v6.1.2 (Naps2)
Nextcloud v3.5.4 (Nextcloud)
Opera v89.0.4447.83 (Opera)
Python v3.10.6 (Python)
Sandboxie Classic v5.57.7 (Sandboxie)
Sandboxie Plus v1.2.7 (Sandboxie)

All Items:

AnyDesk v7.0.13 (Anydesk)
3D XML Player v19.13.17311 (3dxmlplayer)
TortoiseGit v2.13.0 (Tortoise)
TortoiseHg v5.9.2 (Tortoise)
UltraEdit v29.0.0.102 (Ultraedit)
VLC v3.0.17.4 (Videolan)
VMware Player v16.2.4 (Vmware)
VMware Remote Console v12.0.1 (Vmware)
VMware Tools v12.0.6.20104755 (Vmware)
VMware Workstation v16.2.4 (Vmware)
Everything v1.4.1.1017 (Voidtools)
WickrMe v5.106.8 (Wickr)
WickrPro v5.106.6 (Wickr)
WinMerge v2.16.22 (Winmerge)
WinRAR v6.11 (Winrar)
WinSCP v5.21.1 (Winscp)
WinZip v26.0.15195 (Winzip)
WinZip 32-bit v26.0.15195 (Winzip)
Wireshark v3.6.7 (Wireshark)
XnConvert v1.95.0 (Xnsoft)
XnView v2.51.0 (Xnsoft)
XnViewMP v1.00 (Xnsoft)
Yubico Authenticator v5.1.0 (Yubico)
Zoom Outlook Plugin v5.11.3 (Zoom)
Zotero v6.0.10 (Zotero)
Apache Tomcat 10 v10.0.23 (Apache)
Apache Tomcat 8 v8.5.81 (Apache)
Apache Tomcat 9 v9.0.65 (Apache)
OpenOffice v4.1.13 (Apache)
PuTTY v0.77.0.0 (Putty)
iCloud v7.21.0.23 (Apple)
Sourcetree v3.4.9 (Atlassian)
Audacity v3.1.3 (Audacity)
DuoConnect v2.0.2 (Duo)
Duo Device Health v2.28.0 (Duo)
Duo Authentication for Epic v1.2.0.95 (Duo)
Bandicam v6.0.1.2003 (Bandicam)
Bandicut v3.6.7.691 (Bandicam)
BlueJeans v2.36.328 (Bluejeans)
Cisco Jabber v14.1.2.57135 (Cisco)
7-Zip v22.01 (7zip)
CPUID CPU-Z v2.01 (Cpuid)
CutePDF Writer v4.0.1.1 (Cutepdf)
DB Browser for SQLite v3.12.2 (Dbbrowserforsqlite)
Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise v2022.2.18.0 (Devolutions)
Remote Desktop Manager Free v2022.2.18.0 (Devolutions)
Docker Desktop v4.11.0 (Docker)
Adobe Digital Editions v4.5.11 (Adobe)
Foxit PDF Reader v12.0.1.12430 (Foxit)
GIMP v2.10.32 (Gimp)
Git v2.37.1 (Git)
GlassWire v2.3.413 (Glasswire)
Go Programming Language v1.18.5 (Go)
GoodSync v11.11.7.7 (Goodsync)
Eclipse Temurin JDK with Hotspot v11.0.16.8 (Adoptopenjdk)
Eclipse Temurin JRE with Hotspot v11.0.16.8 (Adoptopenjdk)
Eclipse Temurin JDK with Hotspot v16.0.2.7 (Adoptopenjdk)
Eclipse Temurin JDK with Hotspot v17.0.4.8 (Adoptopenjdk)
Eclipse Temurin JDK with Hotspot v8.0.342.7 (Adoptopenjdk)
Eclipse Temurin JRE with Hotspot v8.0.342.7 (Adoptopenjdk)
Backup and Sync from Google v3.56.3802.7766 (Google)
Google Drive v61.0.3.0 (Google)
Huddle v4.4.8.0 (Huddle)
IconViewer v3.02 (Iconviewer)
ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 (Imgburn)
Inkscape v1.2.1 (Inkscape)
Jabra Direct v6.2.18901.0 (Jabra)
TreeSize Free v4.5.3 (Jamsoftware)
Advanced Renamer v3.88 (Advancedrenamer)
KeePass v2.51.1 (Keepass)
Krita v5.0.6 (Krita)
LibreOffice v7.3.5 (Libreoffice)
LogMeIn Hamachi v2.3.0.78 (Logmein)
Microsoft Power BI Desktop v2.107.841.0 (Microsoft)
PowerShell v7.2.5 (Microsoft)
PowerToys v0.61.1 (Microsoft)
SQL Server Management Studio v18.12.1 (Microsoft)
Microsoft Visual Studio Code v1.69.2 (Microsoft)
MongoDB Compass v1.32.6 (Mongodb)
SeaMonkey v2.53.13 (Mozilla)
mRemoteNG v1.76.20 (Mremoteng)
NAPS2 v6.1.2 (Naps2)
AirServer v5.6.3 (Airserver)
Nextcloud v3.5.4 (Nextcloud)
Node.js v16.16.0 (Nodejs)
OpenShot v2.6.1 (Openshot)
Opera v89.0.4447.83 (Opera) v4.3.11 (Dotpdn)
PDF24 Creator v11.3.0 (Pdf24tools)
PeaZip v8.7.0 (Peazip)
Pidgin v2.14.10 (Pidgin)
Podman v4.1.1 (Podman_project)
Plantronics Hub Software v3.24.53524.36336 (Poly)
Python v3.10.6 (Python)
Allway Sync v21.1.5 (Allwaysync)
VNC Server v6.10.0 (Realvnc)
VNC Viewer v6.22.515 (Realvnc)
R for Windows v4.2.1 (Rforwindows)
Royal TS v6.01.50722.0 (Royalapps)
Sandboxie Classic v5.57.7 (Sandboxie)
Sandboxie Plus v1.2.7 (Sandboxie)
Beyond Compare v4.4.3 (Scootersoftware)
Screenpresso v2.1.3.0 (Screenpresso)
Slack v4.27.154 (Slack)
Reflector v4.0.3 (Squirrels)
Amazon Corretto 8 (x64) v1.8.0.342 (Amazon)
Amazon Corretto JRE 8 (x64) v1.8.0.342 (Amazon)
Sublime Text v4126 (Sublimehq)
Sublime Merge v2074 (Sublimehq)
Tableau Desktop v2022.2 (Tableau)
Tableau Reader v2022.2 (Tableau)
Tailscale v1.28.0 (Tailscale)
TeamViewer v15.32.3 (Teamviewer)

Reason for Update:

New Software Releases from Vendors

Actions to Take:

Review new content and deploy as needed.
WickrMe and WickrPro now require manual caching. Their fixlet descriptions will be updated in the future to reflect this.

Published Site Version:

Updates for Windows Applications, Version: v28

Additional Links:


– Application Engineering Team HCL BigFix


Hi @SJPutman,

Thanks for adding Duo Device Health! Is it possible for you to add a line that quits the app before the update and relaunch it after (if the app was already running)? Otherwise, the old version keeps running and the user has to manually quit and relaunch to run the new version which could cause some confusion.

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Would this be disruptive to the user in any way? I don’t use Duo Device Health, so I don’t really know how to handle this case.

We are looking into ways to try to handle closing applications if they are running when installing updates, but the issue is, you can’t just close Firefox if someone is in the middle of using Firefox, so you have to be more careful in that instance.

One option is to automatically close the app if the user is idle or there is no user logged in, or the action is ran as an offer or actionUI that the user accepts, but that is just something we are thinking about for the future.

We also don’t really have an automated way to get the process name that we should try to kill and know that it is unique and acceptable to kill.

For now, you would really have to make a custom copy of the fixlet and add in any actionscript that would be required to kill the app before updating. You could also have a baseline that kills the app if running, then runs the update.

If you can provide that actionscript to us and let us know why it would not be a negative impact to the user if it happened completely randomly, then it is something we could consider adding for everyone, but it really needs to be software where it closing randomly is acceptable, otherwise we will need to implement some other kind of detection to determine if closing the app is acceptable or not.

Right now our priority is adding on more applications and maintaining existing ones. Anything custom really requires a custom copy or baseline for now, but we hope to make improvements like this in the future.

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