Content Modification: Patches for Raspbian 11 published 2022-05-19

BigFix Patch is pleased to announce that it has extended support to include Raspbian 11 (Bullseye) on armhf architecture.

The new site called ‘Patches for Raspbian 11’ uses apt-get, which is Raspberry PI’s default package manager and contains content from the following RPI repositories:

• bullseye-main
• bullseye-contrib
• bullseye-firmware
• bullseye-rpi

Content for packages with Priority as ‘Important’, ‘Required’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Extras’ are only supported. Packages with Priority as ‘Optional’ are not supported currently.

Actions to take:
Subscribe to the ‘Patches for Raspbian 11’ site from the License Overview dashboard.

Note: If the site is not showing in the License Overview dashboard, update your license from the dashboard by clicking on ‘Check for license update’, then run the BigFix Administration Tool (BFAdmin.exe).

Raspbian 11 (Bullseye) is supported on BigFix or later.

Published Sites:
Patches for Raspbian 11, version 1

Application Engineering Team

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