Content Modification in Site MaaS360 Mobile Device Management - Management Extender Fixes

IBM has modified content in the MaaS360 Mobile Device Management Fixlet Site for BigFix IBM Endpoint Manager.

Reason for Update:

The MaaS360 Management Extender has been updated to version 9.0.30009. This update includes the following changes:

  • “operating system as string” and "version of " inspectors include additional version information from the MaaS360 property “OS Version”
  • "extended version of " inspector can be used for the exact contents of the MaaS360 property “OS Version”
  • "maas360 type of " inspector can be used to get the MaaS360 device type (Smartphone, Tablet)

Some misleading results from Analysis 87, “Management Extender Status”, have also been removed.

Actions to Take:

Update your MaaS360 Management Extenders using the Fixlet message 806, “Upgrade Management Extender for MaaS360 (9.0.30009)”.

Published site version:

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management, Version 18

BigFix IBM Endpoint Manager Application Team