Content in the Server Automation site has been modified 08-29-2022

Content in the Server Automation site has been modified.

*Reasons for Update:
Server Automation now provides an increased throughput and better resiliency thanks to the new multi-threaded Plan Engine that can process multiple plans in parallel.

*Security Update included in this release:
CVE-2021-43138 : async-2.6.3.tgz

*Resolved Defect Articles:
KB0099913 : Timeout condition not honored for plans with pending restart option set as Continue to next step
KB0099934 : Automation Plan is interrupted when one of its target has no computer name
KB0100011 : Failure on Powershell-type step in Automation Plan

*Published site and components version:

Server Automation - Site Version: 86
SA Plan engine version : 9.5.64
SA Rest Node version : 9.5.64

Actions to Take:

Gathering of the site and installation of the new Plan Engine, installation of the new Remote Connector, and Server Automation REST API modules will get the updates installed.

BigFix Server Automation Documentation:

HCL BigFix Application Engineering Team

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How about updating the ‘source release date’ for these tasks when they are updated

The “install latest automation plan engine” task has a source date of 10/2/2012

Also there is no note to what version is being updated to, without looking at the action and seeing the zip file name being downloaded.