Content in the Notification Service for BSE Support version 1486 published 2023-12-18

The BigFix Team is pleased to announce the release of Notification Service with site version 1486 of BES Support.

The main reasons to upgrade this release are as follows:

  • OpenSSL version upgrade:

For Windows OpenSSL upgraded to version 3.1.1

  • Vulnerability Remediation:

CVEID: CVE-2023-38552, CVE-2023-39331, CVE-2023-39332, CVE-2023-39333, CVE-2023-44487, CVE-2023-45143 - Upgrade to Node JS 18.18.2
CVEID: CVE-2023-0842 - Upgrade to version xml2js - 0.5.0

Additional information about this release

  • Published site and component version:
    BES Support - Site Version : 1486

Notification Service version: 3.2.5

Actions to Take

  • Gathering of the site will have the new content automatically applied

Useful links

  • BigFix Notification Service Documentation:

– HCL BigFix – Lifecycle Team