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While logged into the IBM Endpoint Manger Console I start to get an error at every refresh. The error is “Failed to perform mutual authentication” in the expanded details it states:

in background

instruct ‘anonymous namespace’::Refresh

           Failed to perform mutual authentication.

I currently have two separate servers doing the same thing. Possibly after an update.

Any ideas?

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This is not one have I seen before.

You mention “possibly after an update”, what type of update? OS patch, database, IEM? Possibly with some added detail, we could help.

I did a google search and I saw this like which refers to this type of error in SCOM
. Maybe it can help,

It is also possible that this may require a PMR.


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OS patches. Still trying to narrow down the cause. Was hopping someone would recognize the issue for a quick fix. Attached is a screen shot.

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Have not seen it before.

There seems to be hits on similar issues

MSDTC fails to mutually authenticate when computers do not run in the same domain:

An old patch:

I notice that you are logging in as a domain user. Do you get the same error as a local user (maybe the master operator account)?

Is the database local to the server or remote?

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Good catch. I do get a different error when logged on as the master operator.
It also happens at every refresh just like the other error. This is a 2008 R2 domain and the database is local.

Thanks for your help.

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Just saw this
. What version are you on?

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Interesting, this seems to apply, as I have yet to find any issue with functionality. The version of Endpoint Manager I’m using is 9.0.586.0.

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Yeah it does say that it does not seem to be an “issue” other than being annoying. Since you are on 586 I think the first think support would recommend is getting on to 787, but that is always easier said than done :slight_smile:

Looking at the change log, there seems to be quite a few authentication fixes between 586 and 649, and then the specific one you just mentioned was addressed in 777.

One other thing. I notice that you are running the console on the IEM server, have you tried running it from a remote system to see what happens?

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Can you post a link to the change log? I have not tried running if from a remote system, our network design doesn’t make that practical from a deployment stand point. We put these on many small domains.

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Sure, here it is:

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Thanks again for your help!