Console status is Failed but Log file is "Not Relevant"

Dear Gurús,

I’ve been trying to apply a fixlet (patch install ) on some servers but in every attempt it goes Failed. The console doesn’t provide much detail so I checked from Relevance 1 to Relevance N on one affected server and all relevances show True as a result for the evaluation. Next, I looked into the log file for the affected server, and discovered that rather than finding a Failed paragraph, there’s a Not Relevant paragraph for the fixlet I’m attenting to install.

This is happening for some Windows 2022 servers and fixlet id 365032511 (Office 365 Version 16.0.17328.20184 Available, Action5), fixlet id 7057079 (Java JRE 8u401 (x64), correctly imported, Action2).

This is a few-weeks-now, fresh installation and this behavior became apparent few days ago.

Tell me please what do you think about this one.

Thank you very much in advance.

Andrés -

Check the ‘Not Revant’ line carefully and note the Fixlet ID.

There can be a confusing line where it logs ‘Not Relevant’ on the action id rather than. The Fixlet id. The Action will report ‘Not Relevant’ after executing, whether it succeeds or fails, if there are no Retry/Reapply options set.

There might still be earlier lines in the log related to the action executing and succeeding or failing