Console operators dont see all computers assigned to them

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i have a console operator in the US, and all US sites are assigned to him.

for some reason, he does not see the same number of computers as me.

for example, in our Huston office i see 26 computers, he sees only 13.

what can be the cause for this?



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Hi Shlomi,

After assigning management rights, BES Clients will need to evaluate the assignment and report back that the user is managed prior to computer showing up for the new console operator. So, one possibility is that some of the computers are currently offline and haven’t reported in since the user was assigned to manage them.

(imported comment written by Shlomi91)

Hi Tyler,

some of these computers are online for a long time… is there some way to force the evaluation (like restarting BES client service)?



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I’m seeing the same thing. Everyone has the same access, however most people see 50 workstations, one sees 10 and another only sees 5. 45 workstions are currently reporting in.