Console login audit trail

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Hi there, for user’s logging into the BF console or admin tool, is there a way to extract/report successful and unsuccesful login activity?

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This would be for 7.2 and not version 8.


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In looking at the available documentation and ‘googling’ an relevant web pages, it looks like version 7.x does not support the logging of each successful and unsucessful login attempt but it does provide the date/time of last login. Does anyone have information to the contrary? I was hoping to get an answer for a risk assessment I am performing of this application for my company.


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Hi osodog,

The answer is the same for BigFix 7.x, 8.x.

When you login into the BigFix Console, you are effectively logging into SQL Server. You can enable SQL Server logging to detect logins successes/failures (I don’t know how specifically, but I believe it is possible).


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OK, I am familiar with doing that in MS SQL server. Thanks.

This is an old thread but an important topic. Anyone willing to comment with specific instructions on how to monitor logins via MS SQL server?

kind regards

Unfortunately in this case, it’s such an old thread that it no longer applies as a means to track/audit Console logins (as Console’s no longer interface directly with the BigFix database, but instead via the Root Server service).

But if the interest is around monitoring BigFix Console logins, please see the documentation for the server_audit.log:

Aram, thanks much for the reference, but when will such references be moved to HCL space rather than IBM space? The nag messages are annoying, and will eventually be replaced with “content removed”

Fair point! We are in the process, and will be providing more information here, as well as other locations. Please stay tuned!