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We have multiple Citrix servers that have the BigFix console installed on. When I login to our citrix environment to launch the console, I don’t always get the same server. Then, when I launch the console, none of my perferences are restored (mainly the computers tab columns). Are these console settings stored somewhere so I can import them before launching the console so I will always have the same computer columns?

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it does, except I would like to be able to just export the regkey/perference files on my own, when I want, instead of involving the citrix admins. Do you know the exact reg path or folder under “C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Local Settings\Application Data\BigFix\Enterprise Console\BES_EnterpriseServer\useraccount” that contains the preferences?

I’ve a similar request. I would like to be able to keep column settings after our terminal server cleanup sessions.
Is there any way to copy specif files/registry keys to preserve preferences/columns?