Console ActiveX message

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Our BES Console is delpoyed using Windows 2008 RemoteApp terminal services. When clicking on dashboards to show overviews, I recieve “current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page” When I click OK, the page loads correctly, but we are getting a pesky message about ActiveX.


  • Logged into our server and added our BES Terminal Servers to Trusted Site zone for IE and enabled activeX components. This fixed the problem when using the console directly on the server.
  • When accesing through a TS session, the problem still exists.
  • I changed the Internet zone in IE to allow activeX; this fixed the problem on the TS session; however, I do not want to open access to activex for the Internet Zone. I would like to have this work by adding to local intranet or Trusted Site zones.

Any ideas?

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