Consider modifying categories for SCA/SUA?

It seems like SCA/SUA are mentioned in two different areas:

SCA: Reporting, Usage and Config -> Security
SUA: Reporting, Usage and Config -> SUA

I’m not particularly familiar with why the categories are as they are, but it seems moderately confusing and I don’t see why you would post in one area over another. I think it’d be better if we eliminated mention of the products from one of the categories?

My main concern is with being able to keep track of all posts relevant to me, and it makes it harder the more spread out the posts are (as well as the more other products are filed under the same category).

Reporting encapsulates more than just SCA and SUA. Likewise, Security can mean more than SCA.

You can watch multiple categories via preferences.

I know that the categories encapsulate more than that. My suggestion is funneling people to post SCA/SUA-related posts to only one category, because (1) I would have less unrelated posts to look at and (2) posters won’t get confused as to where they should post.

“Reporting” doesn’t have any sub-categories, as “Usage and Config” does. I think you’re right that there can be confusion in terms of which to post to, but I think it could also be useful for someone interested in reporting in general to see all the posts relevant there. Also, I don’t think it would be good to remove the reporting category.

Having said all that, I’m definitely willing to watch forum behavior and change things as necessary.