Connection failure

While running the Admin tool, facing an error. I’m not really aware that kind of error. Because never seen that earlier.
Attach is the screenshot, Can anyone please help?


Is the root server and the MSSQL server which contains BFEnterprise on the same hardware or VM? Or they on different hosts?

Is the SQL service running on the DB host?

Hi @jgstew,

The root server and MSSQL are on same VM.

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Check this:

I would check ODBC’s and manually test the connectivity to the db.

  • Have you done anything recently to the root server?
  • Upgrade BigFix?
  • Install Windows Updates?

Identify any changes that were made from when the system was last known to be working until now. Also check event logs and other logs during this time frame. Make note of any changes or anything significant even if it is probably not the direct cause. Even better if you can pin down exactly when it stopped working.

Thanks alot @jgstew Will get back to you

Hi @jgstew,

The last working is around 15 days ago. I can’t tell you the exact date when it stopped working. However testing the ODBC connections for bes_bfenterprise and local BES reporting server are showing the following results.

Can you please help me to reolve that issue.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation

A clue from my colleague that admin tool was last successfully run immediately after upgrading from to

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I’m also facing similar issue. How to resolve this?

Hello, @baig please feel free to share here if you have solved this problem because we also have this problem, and I on my side will try anyway and if I have the solution, I will come back here to share.