Configuration of MaaS360 Extender Fails

While configuring the Extender,the action is getting failed and I am getting these errors in log files.

Error connecting to local relay: “HTTP Error 28: Timeout was reached: Connection timed out after 10015 milliseconds”.
Action <379> running on computer <1802596> in plugin <MaaS360 Extender 2> was interrupted. Marking action as failed.

Can anyone provide solution for this problem.

Thanks in Advance.

In which log file are you seeing these problems?

It seems to indicate a problem with the local relay. The installation of the extender can take place even if the local relay has a problem (due to the client changing to a backup / alternative relay), but any functionality using the proxy agent must have the local relay up and running correctly.

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I have seen this before, it was an issue with the TIME OUT value. What I did to fix it (wish I had a screen shot) was to modify the ACTION statements from the FAILED command and increased the TIMEOUT VALUE. I had done this more then once and it works. Sorry I don’t have a screen shot - but if I could find the time out value, I am sure you can with a little digging in the ACTION script -

Thank you for your reply.