Computer Remover Utility

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Is there a way I can export a list of computer names which are being removed when running the computer remover program?

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You can probably sort the “Last Report Time” in the Console and pick the ones that are old enough to trigger the tool to remove them.


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Yeah, that’s how we currently do it. I was hoping that there was a way to have a log file or something which contained the computers. We are looking at settting up a scheduled task to run the computer remover, but we need to know which computers have been deleted.

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Ben, is there a SQL querey can could be ran that would pull back the deleted computers and when they were deleted?

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I don’t think we record exactly when they were deleted, but here is a way to make a VIEW of the deleted computers:


Link broken, any chance you have an updated link?

It is hard to tell where that link should have gone without the title of the old post.

There are supported views in the BigFix database that are supposed to be stable over time. It is often referred to as something like the database api. That should be what this is referencing.

Here are some links related to it:

One of these may be the post linked above: