Communication re: TPMfOSD transition to BigFix OSD

In tracking down what I thought was a bug in downloading the latest TPMfOSD via Fix Central, I was told by IBM Support that TPMfOSD went End of Support in April. I’m subscribed to several BigFix mailing lists. I’ve looked through the last two years of those emails, and I don’t see an announcement of this development. I’m reading up on the transition, to make that part of our upcoming upgrade from 9.0.x–9.2.x–9.5.x. But I’m a bit disturbed that I missed this. Is there some source of communication that I should be paying attention to, that could have informed me about this?

Thanks for your help.

TPMfOSd End of Service was announced in April 2015, with announcement letter

End of marketing, and consequent entitlement to BigFix LifeCycle, was previously announced here

I am sorry this information did not reach you.

We, as development/support organization, have been working with our TPMfOSd customers to understand their scenarios/needs and help them planning a transition.

Please contact me and we can setup a discussion on this.


I see now the pages you’ve linked to. I had thought that subscribing to all the BigFix mailing lists would keep me updated with all the vital information I would need to manage our BigFix installation. But I’ve gone back to the time period that both of these announcements were made, and I don’t find this information in any of those mailing lists (maybe I will find it as I continue to look).

I am concerned about our upcoming transition from TPMfOSD to BigFix OSD, but I’m more concerned about how to stay updated on developments in the BigFix platform and applications. In addition to the BigFix mailing lists, what are the most vital ongoing sources of information (mailing lists, blogs, etc.) that I need to be consulting on a regular basis to stay current?

I am not sure if this specific communication has been announced in the mailing list or not. It may have not been, considering it affected users of the standalone TPMfOSd (pre-BigFix) product, although it might have been a good idea to share the info there as well.

In any case, I would say that the BigFix mailing lists and this forum are the source of information you must follow to stay up to date