Command failed (Unable to mark download as utility.)

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Today I wanted to use the utility command to cache an exe that we’re going to use regularly, but it fails. Here’s what appears in the log:

Command succeeded (Using download manager collected file) download http://<server>:52311/Uploads/732665aec67a7aa51f84c1073960eee73b0b7a3f/KeepAwakeexe.tmp (fixlet 172022)
   Command succeeded (evaluated true) continue if {(size of it = 20254 AND sha1 of it = "732665aec67a7aa51f84c1073960eee73b0b7a3f") of file "KeepAwakeexe.tmp" of folder "__Download"} (fixlet 172022)
   Command succeeded extract KeepAwakeexe.tmp (fixlet 172022)
   Command failed (Unable to mark download as utility.) utility __Download\KeepAwake.exe

The folder C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData__Global__Cache\Utilities on the client is empty. What am I doing wrong?

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Hmm… I think the problem is that I compressed it with the software distribution wizard… I guess I’ll manually add the uncompressed exe to the BES server, make a download command with the SHA1 of the exe, and see if it works that way.


: Yep. That worked.