Client upgrade to BigFix - IBM BigFix action request window is verry small and cannot be resized - Win 8

Hello all ,

I have noticed a strange behaviour on Windows 8 devices after deploying IBM BigFix Client upgrade to version Whenever an IBM BigFix action request window will pop up , it will be very small and it will be impossible to resize. To be able to get to the action buttons you have to scroll (Up/Down and Left/Right) in order to see the message and to select the action to restart. This issue is not encountered on Windows 7 devices.

Has any one experienced it before?

Thank you,

Hi AlexR,
What is the resolution of the Windows 8 devices ?
Do you have a screenshot of the issue ?

Hi ,

Most of our devices are tablets : ThinkPad T10 with 1900 x 1200 resolution.
I have tried changing the resolution but the pop up window will remain unchanged.

The window pop up looks like this :

Hi @AlexR

We had the same issue (on Windows 10) and one setting was different than Windows 8.1. Can you try the following setting:

Change the “Change the size of text,apps, and other items” to 100%

In my case, this was set at 150%, changing it to 100% resolved the issue.

Does this help?

Hi @steini44 ,

Thanks a lot , it works.
Hoping that they will accept this change in production as the apps and text are visible smaller :smiley:
Any ideeas why this is affecting only Win 8 and apparently Win 10 devices ?

Hi @AlexR

Great that it works. And no idea, i guess because those devices can have touchscreens (we have the same issue with our touch-enabled devices)… But no idea and didn’t investigate it further, was out of scope :wink:

Hi Alex,
the problem you are experiencing is the one tracked with the following product APAR:

As indicated in the link below the issue has been identified and fixed.
The fix will be included in the next 9.5 Patch 5.