Client update "error" status after upgrade

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I’m getting a “Invalid site context. The Fixlet site may no longer exist.” in the status of my action to upgrade to the latest client via Bigfix.

It’s a small percentage but it’s still weirding me out.

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Hi rdamours,

Very strange… It might be the result of an issue where the action status wasn’t properly written to disk before the agent stopped, which caused the strange error. If everything appears to be working properly, I wouldn’t worry about it… if there appears to be other issues, you should probably start a support ticket.


(imported comment written by rdamours91)

I’ll confirm that I can still talk to the clients by issuing a reboot or something small.

It might be the fact that the pc’s may or may not be using DeepFreeze…so the status would not be properly written to disk. We thaw our pc’s from midnight to 5 am…so that changes can happen in that window.

I’ve come up with some workarounds regarding Faronics DeepFreeze that some Bigfix customers might be interested in. It’s regarding the fact that the new version 6.1 includes registry keys with the state “frozen, thawed, or seed”. I can create actions based on the state of the pc.

I’ll post what I came up with under a different subject…thanks again Ben.