Client MSI package installation problem on windows 98 desktops

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I have been facing a problem with deploying the BES clients on the Windows 98 desktops, the MSI package of the client when used to install the client locally, the client gets installed but it does not contact the server at all.

hence i went ahead and installed the non MSI package, containing the setup.exe file and it works fine.

I guess windows 98 desktops have a problem with the new MSI installer packages.



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Have you tested the MSI on non-Win 95 computers to ensure that it works on other computers?

Does the BES Client log get created on the Win 95 computers? If so, could you post any messages contained in the log?

What is your version of BES? 6.0.X.X?

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have tested the MSI on non-windows 95 platforms like windows xp and 2000 and it works fine.

will try to get the log captures for the same.

the version of bigfix that i am using is