Client manual relay selection

Hi Guys,

I have 7,000 clients that are configured to connect to the relays manually but still they are connecting to the Bigfix Server in the process. I tried to configure it to manual again but the status are not relevant.
The Highlighted in yellow is the root server and the others are relays.
Please Help. Thank you

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Sounds like you might have a communication issue (Firewall not allowing TCP/52311 from the Endpoint to the Relay, and UDP/52311 from the Relay to the Endpoint)

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Hi Tim,

Hmm sounds great.

Is there a way for us to know that it is blocked?
Our firewall team here is always saying that it isn’t block.


From one of the endpoints can you access the Relay Diagnostics page (assuming you haven’t turned them off)?

Relay Diagnostics Page URL: http://<relay_name>:52311/rd