Client <not reported> in console (but still current)

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I have clients in my console that show for the “Computer Name” (and some of the other columns), but “Last Report Time” is current. The odd thing is, when I double-click these, they show the details (including computer name) in the bottom pane and then no longer show as in the top pane. Any ideas?

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Hey, check this post and see if it addresses the issue:

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My console was set to “Keep full cache on disk” (Moderate). I changed it to “Keep partial cache on disk (fast net and fast disk)” and did a “Clear Cache”. It has been a couple of days now and those have not shown back up. So, it appears that has taken care of it. Thanks.

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I have the same problem and my settings are already set to keep partial cache on disk, and I have already cleared cache. I moved on thinking the problem had to be on the client, so far the only fix I find for this is completely removing the BES Client using the utility and reinstalling it. There’s got to be a better way!

PS. I also tried deleting the revocations file and restarting the service.

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Hi coolitman,

Try this:


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Nothing … here’s the log:

START: besclientrefresher v. started at: Mon Jul 14 13:52:58 2008

Marking computer for refresh: 2467598

Scheduling refresh for Computer ID: 2467598

END: besclientrefresher completed at: Mon Jul 14 13:52:58 2008

I did it by computer ID, and I still have the under status. We are running a frame relay network with NATd ip addresses, do you think it has something to do with it?

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Hey coolitman,

You need to wait until the client re-registers if it is behind a NAT. Check again tomorrow and see if it is fixed.