Client issues on 9.0.649

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Ok, I have two different issues I’d like some input on.

First up, I have a machine that simply refuses to talk to the server. Reinstalled, rebooted, etc etc. here’s the log file:

Current Date: December 2, 2013
Client version 9.0.649.0 built for Windows 5.0 i386
Current Balance Settings: Use CPU: True Entitlement: 0 WorkIdle: 10 SleepIdle: 480
ICU data directory: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client’
ICU deployment character set: windows-1252
ICU local character set: windows-1252
ICU transcoding between deployment and local character sets: DISABLED
At 14:57:32 -0500 -
Starting client version 9.0.649.0
FIPS mode disabled by default.
Cryptographic module initialized successfully.
Using crypto library libBEScrypto_1_0_0_5 - OpenSSL 0.9.8y-fips 5 Feb 2013
Restricted mode
Initializing Site: BES Asset Discovery
Initializing Site: BES Inventory and License
Initializing Site: BES Support
At 14:57:33 -0500 -
Initializing Site: BigFix DSS Software Asset Management
Initializing Site: CustomSite_Tier_1_and_2
Initializing Site: Enterprise Security
At 14:57:34 -0500 -
Initializing Site: Patching Support
Initializing Site: Software Distribution
Initializing Site: Tivoli Remote Control
Initializing Site: Updates for Windows Applications
NotationFile::RestoreNotations file changed C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData\Updates for Windows Applications\Superseded.fxf

Why is this client showing in “restricted mode”? I have double checked my licensing and are licensed for 1000 Client Devices, and 850 RVU’s with 865 machines reporting. Is the 850 RVU causing this???

2nd machine. Simple issue I hope. Client is installed but will not run. I can reinstall from the deploy tool and it tells me “The Client was installed, but is not currently running.”

Any info on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Been away for a bit :slight_smile:

Anyway. The restricted mode is normal. Well at least I see this on my systems so I will assume it is normal :slight_smile: Is there something that does not seem to be working on that system?

If you try to manually start the service on the second system, do you see an error? Is there anything in the agent log?

Couple things to look at:

  1. Turn on debug logging:

  2. Look at going to 9.0.787 as there were some issues in 649.
    . Not saying that will solve your issue, but that there are issues on 649.