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Hi at all,

i’ve a question about routing a client on internet to BES server…

I’ve do this :

  1. install BES with hostname with ip

  2. add a DNS entry with ip ( Ip over internet )

  3. add a firewall rule to rotate all traffic on to ( BES server )

The problem is :

How can I set a on all BES client ? and when are over internet go trough ?

Someone can help me ? It is possible to do this ?

Thanks in advice.


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I personally wouldn’t create local host records to redirect based on dns names.

You have 2 options

  1. Create a Relay 1 - LOCALIP, Relay 2 - Internet IP (This will try the first relay, and when on internet will attempt the 2nd)

  2. Create an Affiliation Group of Relays - Creates Groups of Relays (Local, DMZ, etc…)

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Thanks Tingram, i’ve put a relay on DMZ and all work fine, but i’ve another question…

when I do a Software Distribution on the clients over Internet, no one receve the action and only when the client restart the “offer” or “swd” is received…

I there any parameter to get working over internet ?

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I would recommend you use the Command polling. I believe by default the agents gather actions once every 24 hours. To change this you would have to set 2 client setting (you can right-click on the computer in the computer tab and select edit computer settings)

Here are the 2 settings

_BESClient_Comm_CommandPollEnable - Set to 1 (this enables command polling)

_BESClient_Comm_CommandPollIntervalSeconds Set to the number of seconds between “call home” (I use 7200 to force a call home every 2 hours)

All of my systems are across the internet so I have enable command polling for ~4000 systems.

Good Luck!


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Not sure if you have seen this: