Client Executing but not Posting


I have a client that is executing commands issued from the Console but it never sends the results back.

I have reinstalled the client, executed “TROUBLESHOOTING: Reset the BES Client - BES >= 9.0”, and set _BESClient_EMsg_Detail to 10000 which doesn’t seem to have changed much in the log (maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?).

Can someone tell me where to look to begin troubleshooting this issue?

Do you see any errors in the daily BESClient log (yyyyMMdd.log).

See the Logging wiki doc for details on BESClient log location.

Same is true for the log for the upstream BESRelay.

Please post any errors to this thread.

If this is a critical issue, please open a support case with BigFix L2.

Hi @cmcannady ,

I have already checked the log. I am able to see that it runs actions but I never get the “Encrypted Report Posted successfully” sort of message.

@tasaif can you advise if the endpoint in question had default BESClient configurations or is set to command polling? Also, after you see the action run in the daily BESClient log, do you see the action status message update in the BES console?