Client Deployment using a link

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How would you send a link or URL to users and have them install the client by clicking the link?

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Hello Rominal,

I have seen customers using the WinZip Self Extractor to provide the ability to click on a link and kick off the entire installation process.

  • You would zip up the BigFix Client installation folder (with the setup.exe)
  • Use WinZip Self Extractor to turn that into an executable

Lee Wei

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Thanks, My hope was to just email a link or URL that would then install the client. I did not want to email 600 users a zip package.

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You can put the file on any webserver to send the link…


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I’m also looking at creating a self-extracting .exe file for the client installation for some remote users. Is there a way to make the setup.exe slient? E.g. pass it parameters?

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I believe setup /s is the switch to make the installer go silent.

I have used WinZip Self Extractor to create the self-extracting file for easy download/install via web pages.

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Thanks Lee Wei. I ended up using a -s and that appears to work as well. I’m using WinRAR to create a self extracting exe.