Client Deploy Tool permissions

One of my customers ran into an issue where he was getting the Windows 0x05 Access is Denied when trying to install windows clients using the client deploy tool. He was putting in the correct domain admin account that had the correct privileges to the client systems and specifying clients by a list of ip addresses. However, he was not logged into the server as an account that had those required permissions. Once he logged into the server as the domain admin account and used the client deploy tool giving the same domain admin permissions as before he was able to successfully deploy all his clients.

So is this expected behavior?


client deploy tool, firstly transfers the client setup files (from BES Installers folder of local computer/server) to the target you specified. to achieve this, you should run Client Deploy Tool with an user who has admin share access to the target.

try this : open a file browser and try to open “\targetcomputer\c$”. If it does not works, you can’t install clients to the same target by using Client Deploy Tool, you should check the privileges of the user you logged on, check the firewall rules or check the computer policies for availability of admin share access.

secondly, after file transfer, Client Deploy Tool installs the clients to the target computer with the user you specified in Client Deploy Tool’s screen. So, this user must be a local admin on the target computer to successfully install the client.

So for your case, the user which your customer tried first, may not have this access.

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