Cleanup of actions issued by specific user

We use the REST API to populate custom settings to computers. These updates are performed as actions and since the properties are updated regularly, the number of completed actions quickly add up quite a bit.

We would like to have a scheduled job that for example simply deletes all Actions, issued by a specific user, more than a week ago.

For now we have stopped and deleted all actions in the console manually, but surely there must be a better way?


This is achievable though you’d need to script it. You’d first have to send a session relevance query to generate an XML of the IDs of all the actions you want to delete. Something like

ids of bes actions whose (name of issuer of it = "your_account_name" and time issued of it < (now - 30 * day))

You would need to parse the XML so you have just the action IDs then for each action ID you’d need to invoke a DELETE method to the action URI via the REST API

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Thanks a lot for the reply, I was of course hoping for a simpler solution - but was somehow expecting that this was not something available out of the box.

It would be really nice if cleanup of actions also could provided by the BES Cleanup Tool. But perhaps our scenario is a bit too rare.