Cleaning up Manage Properties in console

We have over 1300 custom properties that we’ve written for various reasons, and I’m going through the process of cleaning out these custom properties, that are no longer relevant to our department.
Is there a way to determine the modification date of properties, or some other method to narrow down the starting point? I looked at sorting via ID, but didn’t see any correlation to age.


You should start to look at analyses first, which you can get creation and modification times for, and then go through the remaining global properties. This session relevance can list all the analyses by site and their timestamps. Then you can look at them in the console under the ‘Analyses’ node and delete the old/obsolete ones.

(name of site of it, id of it, name of it, creation time of it as string|"", modification time of it as string|"") of bes analyses

You can run this in the Presentation Debugger which is accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D and selecting Show Debug Menu.

For the non-analysis properties, you can’t access the date information outside of the database, but you can filter down to those in the Manage Properties view by selecting the blank value for Analysis.