Citrix XEN properties

We are in the process of switching from VMware to Citix XEN and before recreating the wheel, I was wondering if anybody has had success with pulling in properties from XEN into BigFix. The number one thing we’ll miss is the UUID property which we used to compare from vmware to BigFix to tell which clients were missing from checking into BigFix. I’m thinking XEN api calls but would appreciate any insight :slight_smile:

So not one shop is running Citrix XEN out there??:scream:

Afraid not.

Are you trying to get the UUID from the virtual machine, from the hypervisor, or both?

If it’s from the virtual machine, you should be able to retrieve it from the ‘dmi’ or ‘smbios’ inspectors.

If it’s from the hypervisor, it depends. I haven’t seen a BigFix Proxy Agent for Xen, not to say that there isn’t one. You may be able to file an RFE or engage Professional Services to create one. If there’s some method or command line to retrieve the info from another system that runs the BES Client we may have some othet suggestions.