CIS Checklist for RHEL 8

I have updated the license from License Overview dashboard and have version of Bigfix in our environment. Also the compliance module is there.

Still I am not able to see CIS Checklist for RHEL 8 in the License Overview Dashboard.

Is it released yet.

Yes, it’s been released.

I am using BigFix Version 10 and able to see CIS checklist for RHEL8. Please check the below link for more information

Thanks for the confirmation but in my environment it is and it’s not showing there.

It’s possible your deployment is not able to perform license updates, and thus will not have any new sites visible in the dashboard. Check whether Important note on LicenseUpdater or Airgap Errors due to certificate applies to you, it’s likely you need to perform a client setting change on your root server to deal with a certificate change on our back-end service.