Checking when an analysis has been executed

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I'm developing an application that will execute a task and then will use an analysis to retrieve the results. I need to make sure that analysis is executed after the task. Does TEM provide a way to know when was an analysis executed?

Just to make it clear, the analysis and actions are provided by another group, so I would rather not have to edit them all to add a "run date" property for example. I'm wondering if TEM has build in "Last Updated" or "Last Run" date that comes with updated Analysis results.



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Once an analysis is activated, it’s evaluated periodically by the client. There isn’t a way to say “evaluate this analysis after this task is run”. You can handle that case by having the analysis check for the result of the task, and if the result doesn’t exist yet, return something like “not run yet”.

The time that the analysis was last evaluated is not provided, but you could modify the analysis to get the current time and return it by using ‘now’ somewhere in the relevance. For example, a simple analysis that uses ‘now’ is: ( "Evaluated at " & now as string )