Checking the latest version available for applications

Hello everyone,

I have this property for getting the versions of certain applications from our client machines. One example is the browser versions wherein there is one property for each browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In the report I am working on, I am trying to create a property that will identify whether the server machines’ version of the application needs an upgrade or if is in the latest version already (UPGRADE or LATEST).

Is there a way that I can get all of the available values of the version and identify which version among these values would be the latest? In the property I have right now, I have to constantly change the version I am comparing the version property to whenever a new version of the application gets released.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Are you using Web Reports?
Are you using Standard Reports or Custom Reports?

Hello @orbiton

I was assuming a custom report will be needed in what I was trying to query but if there is a standard report for it, I guess I can work with that.

Thank you.

This is all custom and manual effort; if you want BigFix to print something, you must specify it in the code, such as below:

Q: (version of service "BESClient" as string) & " || " & (if version of service "BESClient" = "" as string then "LATEST" else if version of service "BESClient" < "" as string then "LOWER" else "N/A")
T: 1040.278 ms
I: singular string

My recommendation:

  • Take only the relevant versions from the property, and after you have the data, work in Excel before sharing.
  • If you really don’t want to update that in RP or go to Excel, I have another way that I made for our BigFix master server using a custom webreport based on session relevance. In your case, though, this will also need to be modified often whenever there is a version change, but you can just find and replace it in the custom report.

//Below is snapshot of my report, which look for current setting, desired values & then post comparision, if anything is not matching result will show False.

And below the code behind every row:

<td><b>BES Server Version</b> <td></td><td><?Relevance values of results from (bes property "BES Server Version") of bes computers whose (name of it as string as lowercase  contains "myserver" as lowercase) ?></td><td><?Relevance exists bes computers whose (name of it as string as lowercase = "myserver" as lowercase AND (value of results from (bes property "BES Server Version") of it starts with "11.0.1")) ?></td>

I hope this will help.