Checking for files cached in Airgap networks

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Hey guys,

Please correct me if I’m wrong. If I run the BES Download Cacher tool for a particular site, doesn’t it download files for every single fixlet in that particular site? I have customers who only want to download patches that are relevant and this involves manual process. (In airgap network)

In view of this, especially for Patches for Windows site, I would like to see a dashboard or even a web report where I can see the relevant fixlets and whether the files are cached for these fixlets. Or it could be just a list of relevant fixlets whose files are not cached.

I’m guessing it will probably not be a difficult thing to do if I were to write a program. But I’m still wondering where would be the best place to look to get information on what files a fixlet downloads and what is their sha1 value. From there, its a simple matter of just checking a file named that sha1 value exists in the sha1 folder. I’ll update more if I get enough time to work on this, but would still love to see a simple dashboard or web report that does the same.



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Hi Ashwin,

Actually I believe the download cacher will try to get all the files in a Fixlet site (since they may become relevant in the future).

We call the feature that you are asking for the “active cache management” and we have been looking into this, but have not yet built it…

Note that you can hit the besmirrorrequest url to see the cached files on the relay/server:


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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the info.