Checking BigFix Agent evaluation time

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Hi everybody,

As you probably know, the BigFix Agent is continuously checking Fixlets and actions to see if there is anything that it needs to do. This is done in the background using a small amount of CPU. Several factors will influence how long it takes for the agent to check all the Fixlets/actions including # of Fixlets, # of open actions, potentially expensive Custom Fixlet relevance, speed of computer, and more.

Typical evaluation time for most agents is measured in minutes and can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. If the evaluation cycle time gets too long, it can potentially be an issue because it means you are not getting fast Fixlet or action results.

Previously, to see your agent evaluation time, you would need to spend a lot of time looking through the BigFix Agent debug logs… But starting in BigFix 8.0, there is a very useful way to measure your evaluation time in the agent with relevance.

This property will tell you the average time your agent takes to do an evaluation loop (in minutes). The result is the average of the last 10 evaluation cycles.

Average Evaluation Cycle

average of evaluationcycle of client / 1000 * second / minute

Note that if the computer goes into standby, it will count the time asleep as part of the evaluation time, which can greatly increase the number.

This is a wonderful property to use when trying to figure out if you have expensive Fixlet content, baseline actions that are too big, or other issues.


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This is an awesome inspector! It’s very useful for monitoring the health of clients. The only thing I wish it could do is show you evaluation time for the last evaluation cycle. It would help us determine whether the client is really having performance issues or just resumed from standby recently.

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One thing I have read about Big Fix is that you need to script all your packages from scratch, not as in SCCM where you use the package wizard and it will download all MS Security patches and then package them for you with whateve switches or commands. Is this true on Big Fix? Does

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this mean that you have to manually download all MS security patches each month and then create your VB Scripts or use a packaging tool to do such deployments? How good is big fix with software metering and with the creating of queries, etc…?

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Hi Julia,

You definitely don’t need to package content from scratch. Patch Fixlets are provided for you and you don’t even need to package anything… Most customers say that it is much faster, easier, and efficient than SCCM… There are built-in software usage and licensing reports.

This might be better discussed in a separate thread.


Is the “Average Evaluation Cycle” the same as the “Client Usage Profiler”? If not where can I find the “Average Evaluation Cycle”, is it in Web Report the Console etc…

Thanks for your help


Do you guys prefer “average duration of evalcycle” vs “average of evalcycle” and then converting to mins? I found the former to be more accurate.