Changing Windows 11 Right-click options for the whole device

We are looking at changing the right click option in windows 11 to the old context menu. Most of you have probably see the articles showing the HKRY_CURRENT_USER key you create. My question is, have any of you found a way to make this change at the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE level so that it changes this for the entire device?

There is a corresponding key on the local machine section that points at the dll for the UI. unfortunately, this appears to be unable to change. possibly from being in use by the system, it may be a permission issue. Regardless I’m not seeing anywhere in my research where people resolve this for all users.


I’d look into using LGPO for this. See Local Group Policy Management - LGPO.exe updated to v3

And Microsoft released v2.2 of LocalGPO Utilities