Change User Name and Login - Client deployment


I used my personal login to set up one of the clients and I now want to change the connection to a service ID we created for the login. I am been looking for an edit or change connection property, but I can not find it. Is this something that can be changed? or do I need to uninstall the client and run through the wizard again?


The client always installs and executes using the LocalSystem account on Windows machines.

That property, “User Name”, behaves like any other Property - it’s based on what the client sees when it inspects the machine, just like the hostname, IP address, MAC address, installed software list, etc.

The “User Name” property reflecting “bi21xxxx” just means that you’re logged on to the machine. If you log off and log on with a different user account, that new account name should show up in the “User Name” property.

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Thank you for the quick response. Glad I don’t need to reinstall it!

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