change the directory from BigFix server to other location to get logs

Can we change the directory from BigFix server to other location in this task "Collect Logs from Endpoints " .

That task (from BigFix Inventory) will collect the BigFix Client and Inventory logs. It dynamically determines which directory is used to install BigFix, so it shouldn’t matter if you have a custom installation path.

If you need to collect logs related to some other product, you could build a custom task to do that. It’s probably simpler to start with and especially the Resource Examples link at the bottom of the page.

Can You please elaborate and suggest me with action script how we can and where we can change the path or network path…

What path / file do you want to archive?

We want to collect the logs but as per the above fixlet it is uploading the files in BigFix server . We actually want the logfiles to be uploaded at any particular endpoints instead of BigFix server or any shared path. Hope now my query is quite clear and hoping you to guide us how can we do the changes in Actionscript.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could assist me with this, and any help would be highly valued.

There’s really not a great solution for this. BigFix is mostly about configuration management, but what you’re trying to do is to copy files from a client to an arbitrary location.

You started by referencing a task that uses the Upload & Archive Manager to move logs from the client to the BigFix Server. That’s all done through the BigFix infrastructure, the Relay, the Server, etc. using BigFix protocols. You won’t be able to copy files from a client to some other fixed location with this method.

Instead you’ll need to use the protocols supported by your OS - on Windows the ‘net use’ command to map a network drive and then ‘copy’; for Linux like an ‘ssh’ or ‘rsync’ command.

Both of those require authenticating from your client to the server where you want those files to go. Encrypting credentials to use them in an Action is possible, but it’s unfortunately fairly complex to do.

This is one of the rare cases where I’d advise trying to do this outside of BigFix.