Change MDM enrollment Label Work Email Address to LDAP username and passwor

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We have TEM MDM DMZ relays for IOS and android devices management is agent based.

To Enroll these devices we have setup a TLS server to communicate with LDAP using userPrincipalName.

All the communication is working fine however users are confused with default label of Enter your work Email address, although it has to be LDAP username password. Checked the config.yaml file on management extender but it does not let you change Title.

Is there any fixlet/task or any other config/html file that could be modified as current title is confusing and need to replace with custom.

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Hi NirajG,

Sorry… I don’t believe the app is configurable in this way… Did you consider allowing the users to enter their email rather than LDAP username to solve this issue?



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Hi Ben,

Communication with LDAP is working absolutely fine its just the text that confuses users.

I figured out the configuration changes required in config.yaml


• Configures the latbel on the user name text box for the login page

• (default: “Work Email Address”)

It was just that by default this variable did not exists and this has to be configured manually on all relays with extenders.

Use following link for other such variables

Thanks for replying back.