Change Desired Values in BigFix Compliance

Is there a way to change the Desired Values of BigFix Compliance?

Does any one know where this info is stored?

Desired values are stored within the check fixlets. You can change the value using the BES console, there is a form within the “Description” section of the fixlet. But it must be a custom fixlet.

That’s just the description, I’m referring to the “Desired Values” inside of BigFix Compliance.

It looks like it is stored as a MIME field inside of the fixlet.

Any ideas on how to modify the MIME fields inside of a custom fixlet?

Using the form within the description field (if I understand it correctly) modifies the fixlet itself to have the correct relevance/etc.

Can check with the SCM content team for a better answer.

Can you check with SCM Content Team? It seems the only way to modify it would be to go in and change the MIME fields.

Which, I can’t find a way to do that with any GUI.

All you need to check the Fixlet for SCM and you can change the parameter for (Measured & Desired Value) in the description tab of the patches. Once after changing the parameter, You need to deploy that patch on the specific endpoints. Once completed, Run or Schedule Import in IBM BigFix Compliance WebUI. After Import completion, you’ll be able to see the changes in Desired values for the Checks.

Hope this will help you in fixing the issue :slight_smile:

I still don’t see the spot you are talking about.

Is there any documentation on this?

Make sure it is a custom copy in a custom site, then select it and scroll down the description in the console.

As far as documentation, try looking here:

Specifically you probably want