Certificate issues - Knocked off VPN using Windows 1909 ISO upgrade

When using Windows 10 Business Editions Version 1909 Available - Windows 10 (x64) (English (United States))


Windows 10 Business Editions Version 20H2 Available - Windows 10 (x64) (English (United States))"

I have had systems on 1809 and moving to these upgrades breaks the system certificates and I have to restore the certs which is painful. Has anyone else experienced this?

I see this is a known issue and the script in this thread works, but obviously would rather not do that. Is there a better way to upgrade using Bigfix?

Easiest way to fix this issue is to upgrade your iso.

I had the exact same issue with the default 1909 task. After replacing the iso with a new one , for example this one - “en_windows_10_business_editions_version_1909_updated_oct_2020_x64_dvd_3cfd51ef.iso” the issue was fixed.

Simply copy the task and change the action script so the action script runs the new iso instead of the old one.

P.s you will also have to calculate a new sha1 and sha256 for the file.

Let me know if you need more help.


Thanks. I tried that but don’t know that I got the same ISO you are referencing. Will give it a shot.