CentOS/RHEL install fixlet for CrowdStrike Sensor

Greetings fellow BigFix’ers. I’ve recently created a CrowdStrike Sensor install fixlet for CentOS and RHEL endpoints. The CrowdStrike Sensor - CentOS-RHEL - Install fixlet is available from my Linux-Software GitHub repo.

All content in my personal GitHub is provided AS-IS and without warranty. Constructive feedback is welcome via DM or email.


Do you have a fixlet for AIX?

Hi @mbartosh, I do not have a fixlet for AIX. That said, I’m not opposed to working with you to develop one for AIX endpoints. Please DM me with the CrowdStrike version and any specifics for your enterprise and we can continue this conversation via email.

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Will that action script work with the newer version of the sensor?

I am being told now that Crowdstrike does not support AIX.

No, the fixlet would need to be updated accordingly. For example, the following prefetch statement and corresponding installation commands are specific to version 5.43.0-10807.

prefetch falcon-sensor-5.43.0-10807.el7.x86_64.rpm sha1:546221fb0507d3465fdce35bddeb9ec6baeb8428  size:2433836 http://bigfix.company-domain.com:52311/Uploads/CrowdStrike/falcon-sensor-5.43.0-10807.el7.x86_64.rpm sha256:1806ae82913c59b84fe2e2afbadf2b736d1dba83eb81d7c0e93a57915628ad75

That said, it would be easy to update my source fixlet to accommodate updates versions of the CrowdStrike sensor.

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