CentOS client problem

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Hi All,

I have a little problem with my CentOS client.

Last time I updated all TEM components to 8.2.1093 version. I thought that it resolve my problem but it doesn’t.

Problem is that CentOS refreshing does not work. All new fixlet are not relevant while I remove CentOS client from database. And when the client reports again to TEM server all non-relevant fixlets (which should be) become relevant. And additionaly the “Send refresh” also does not work. It is client which was installed manualy. All other UNIX/Linux client was installed via *NIX tool.

Any ideas?

Best regards


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What version of CentOS are you using?

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CentOS 5.7

The problem is solved. It was very easy. On CentOS I had firewall enabled and UDP packets were cut. I forgot about this requirement :slight_smile: