CentOS as OS for BigFix server

I’ve tried to search through this forum before posting this, and (pretty surprising for me) didn’t find relevant topics, so, I hope, I’m not violating any forum rules by asking this question here.

So, with BigFix 10 being released, I would like to move my current BigFix server to Linux environment.
According to https://help.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/10.0/platform/Platform/Installation/c_spcr_platform.html , only RHEL is supported as an OS for server.

Do any of you use CentOS instead for BigFix server? If no - have you actually tried to use it, and faced any technical problems?
I think I’ve found somewhere on the forum, that someone used CentOS pretty successfully (just changing /etc/***-release to RHEL, so BigFix and it’s environment really think they are on RHEL), but I can’t find that topic now (found this CENTOS, BigFix Server, and “issues” , but not sure this is exactly what I’ve found in the past).

No, Centos is definitely not supported to install the Bigfix server.
At least at now … can be always propose it as RFE
even if I presume there are too many technical limitations to use this OS as server.

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I don’t really understand, what “technical limitations” of centOS do you mean, because, as far as I know, centOS should be identical copy of RHEL, but without support and with slower updates.
That’s why, btw, I’m surprised why centOS is not supported as BigFix server OS. I could understand if BigFix team just take pre-cautions like “if user will break his own server, we are not responsible for that” (while RHEL is supported by RedHat), but technically…

Never used RHEL, though, so I’m not sure if I understand difference correctly.

Anyone else tried CentOS as a BigFix server distro, maybe?

You can try, but it won’t be supported. Basically any problem that might come up, will leave you on your own.

I’m curious about whether it would work, but if it has any problems…the support team can’t call up CentOS to fix anything that behave weirdly, like they can call IBM for Red Hat issues.

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Having in mind, that any RHEL fix sooner or later ends up in their repository, and everything from their repo sooner or later ends up in centOS repo - that’s fine for me.


I have successfully run the root BES server on CentOS 6 and 7 for non-production use. As @JasonWalker stated, Root BigFix servers running on CentOS would not be eligible for product support.

In earlier versions it was necessary to temporally update the /etc/*release files with equivalent RHEL details while performing the root BES server installation. The last time I installed root BES server (early versions of 9.5) on CentOS (v7.?) this was not necessary.



Missed your comment for some reason.
Great, thanks for the info.