Catalog Download fixlet failing "Pending Download"

I have a BigFix server on a host with no internet connection. I used the AirGap tool to enable the Licence Reporting site.

Clients installed, scanners installed on all computers.

I added the host IP to the exception list using the following command:
BESAdmin.exe /exceptionlist:localhost,,server.domain,

The error in fixlet message shows:
Download error: "HTTP Error 5: Couldn’t resolve proxy name: Could not resolve proxy:; Host not found"
Download requested on server:

I have a similar error in a different environment that reads:
HTTP Error 28: Timeout was reached: Connection timed out after 10015 milliseconds"

I imported the “catalog_download.BES” file into BigFix console, but the fixlet still tries to download from ILMT.

Any suggestions here?
Also, is the software scan data a prerequisite to running the “capacity scan” fixlet?


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