Capture Image Failing

I am trying to Capture and image from Windows 10 (1903) and it keeps failing. I haven’t been able to find any other posts with quite the same issue as myself. I am hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction. It fails with exit code 2 at the step right after “Completed RBAgentVersion=” and returns with this information:

Failed ImgLocale={line 1 of file (client folder of site “actionsite” as string & “\localeName.txt”)}
ImgKeyboardLocale={last 4 of (value “Locale” of key “HKCU\Control Panel\International” of registry as string)}:{value “1” of key “HKCU\Keyboard Layout\Preload” of registry}
BESClientVersion={version of client}
ProcessorBrand={concatenations "; " of unique values of brand strings of processors}
TimeCaptured={(now - time “01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 +0000”) / second}
DiskSpaceUsed={(total space of it - free space of it) of drive of system folder}
Manufacturer={if (exists wmi) then (string value of select “Manufacturer from Win32_ComputerSystem” of wmi as trimmed string) else (“Unknown”)}
Model={if (exists wmi) then (string values of selects “Model from Win32_ComputerSystem” of wmi as trimmed string) else (“Unknown”)}
delete "{parameter “imageInfoFile”}"
move __createfile "{parameter “imageInfoFile”}"
createfile until __EOF


delete capture_prep.reg
move __createfile capture_prep.reg
waithidden regedit /s capture_prep.reg
// Run the flushRegistry vbs
delete registry_flush.vbs
appendfile Dim instance As RegistryKey
appendfile instance.Flush()
move __appendfile registry_flush.vbs
run “{pathname of client folder of site “BESSupport”}\RunQuiet.exe” “{pathname of system folder}\cscript.exe” "registry_flush.vbs"
continue if {exists key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\ImageInfo” whose (exists value “ReimagedFlag” of it) of registry}

Thanks in advance for any insights!

What is failing on the image capture are you getting a blue screen or how far is it progressing? Also are you capturing a physical machine or a VM?