Can't subscribe Red Hat Linux distro (Scientific Linux)

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We have a few hundred systems running Scientific Linux distro (

) This distro is built off Red Hat Enterprise linux so I’m assuming it shouldbe able to be patched with Bigfix and be able to subscribe to red hat patching sites. However, I’ve assigned all the DISA stigs for all Red Hat versions, all the Red hat patching sites and even enabled computer subscribtions to ALL COMPUTERS.

The only site that the system subscribes to is Linux RPM patching. No content aside from the Bigfix support fixlets show up. We installed the Red Hat Agent and system shows up in the console fine.

This is how the system shows up in the console under the OS info: Linux Red Hat 4.4.7-3 (2.6.32-358.18.1.el6.x86_64)

How come there’s no sites being subscribed to with this distro?

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So my understanding is that you can actually get RHEL patches working with Scientific but it’s kind of tricky. In order to do so, you have to basically create a new site and import all of the fixlets of RHEL into that site so that it removes the site level relevance that’s restricting stuff from showing up as relevant on your console.

That will get you stuff showing up as relevant, but I think there might be specific actions in the red hat stuff that might reference specific directories in RHEL. That might still work for Scientific Linux but you might want to double check some of the actions.

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Thanks for your reply! I opened a ticket with support on this and I agree it looks like site-level relevance that’s restricting both the site level subscriptions. It’s probably a pretty basic one to, like the maybe the site level relevance referring to a specific file. I would hope that maybe we (or IBM) can just fix the relevance to include Scientific Linux as from what I heard anything you can install in Red Hat installs in Scientific Linux, as it is Redhat. What I’m wondering is if this would be an enhancement request or a defect report?

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So I think it’s an enhancement at this point for us to also expand content coverage to Scientific Linux, even though as you say it probably works out of the box with just a few tweaks.

In the meantime, there’s a workaround. Like I mentioned earlier you can create a new custom site yourself so that you can see stuff show up in content. At some point if we decide to officially support Scientific Linux and do the usual qualifying tests on the content before we publish it, then the workaround won’t be necessary.