Can't see how many times a repeating action has applied in WebUI

I can’t seem to find how many times a repeating action / deployment has been run on a particular computer. Is this info available anywhere within the WebUI?

I think this is very critical information that could be a sign of a serious problem if it has repeated hundreds of times, particularly when you don’t expect it to.

In the case of policy actions, I think how many times it has applied in total, and per endpoint average, and per endpoint are some of the most important pieces of information.

CC: @lizlinhthi @AaronBauer

That information doesn’t look like it’s available in the UI portions of the WebUI, and we don’t call out policy actions very specifically in the UI either.

That said, the ETL APIs which we use to build the WebUI definitely do have information about what you’re looking for though so this is possible to add on. Fields like try count and retry count exist, and we could calculate endpoint average based off of that.

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Yes, this is also true, and would be useful to more easily tell.

Thanks, and glad to know this is possible.

James - Thanks for bringing this up. I’m adding it to our request list.

Has there been any further development on this? It would certainly be very valuable to see how many times a repeating action ran on a particular endpoint.