Cant deploy iOS

(imported topic written by fparedes)

Hi, i am trying to deploy iOS but when i had to select the machine to aplicate there is not a machine so i take the manual action put the name but it finish with error, i had installed the relay and it is working well, what can be the problema? where is the log about this erro? Gracias!

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The reason for the error is very likely the reason that it was not applicable. Bypassing that check is probably not a good idea, as that would mean trying to install on a computer that does not meet minimum requirements or something else.

You can find the cause of the error by either looking at the BigFix client log on the endpoint deployed to, and also by looking at the details of that action. You can look at the list of computers that ran the action, and clicking on them will bring up a dialog showing the action that was run, and indicate the error, and what line of the action caused the error.