Can't connect to DB on new install?

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Hi all,

It’s been a little while since I’ve used BF and am trying to showcase it to my new employer. I’ve installed the trial from the website and upon starting the console I get the small dialog to sign into the database. The username field is blank and my only authentication choice is NT Authentication. I don’t recall what used to be here, what am I supposed to log in as? None of the BES users nor the DB SA account seem to work.

Bit embarrassing on my first attempt to demo the tool…



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Hi Greg,

I believe it asked you for the user when you did the installation… It might be EvaluationUser by default…

In any case, you can run the BESAdmin tool to see users or make new users…


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Do you mean the BES user defined during installation? I haven’t had any luck with that. I tried opening up the BES Admin tool but when I do both the username and authentication type fields have “NT Authentication” in them and are greyed out (not changeable). Clicking ok also gives an authentication error.

Note that this is an MSDE installation. Trying to demo the product before we’re all forced to use SCCM :slight_smile:

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Are you logged in as a local administrator? If so, you are supposed to be able to authenticate to the local database automatically though NT Authentication…